Petr Válek - Atrkthan 1​-​2

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MC (kaseta)

1. Atrkthan 1 44:47    
2. Atrkthan 2 44:59

Petr Valek w sklepie Iskariota?

"I am not able to plant anything in the lines. Why should tomatoes be with tomatoes and cucumbers with cucumbers?": declares musician and instrument maker Petr Válek. (...) Válek never uses gardening tools conventionally, as one of his long series of Facebook video shows: he kneels between the flowerbeds and plays the watering can like a saxophone. Other times, he closes himself in the shed and beats sticks against the stacked slats of wood, playing it like a xylophone. He calls it "unbearably free improvisation", and his performances would be unthinkable without a wide range of materials, or moving gadgets made of unconnected components. "It's research,"he says. " I study my relationship with the surroundings. For me, the music is something I can hear music in."
(the Wire, article by Miloš Hroch)


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